Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hector Pineda always felt attracted to sound and technology, leading him to the study of electronics, recording and communications. One day an electric bass fell into his hands, and after he touched that instrument, Hector's fascination for in low frequency sounds and instruments changed his path in life towards the music scene.

Hector began his studies of the upright bass at the age of 23 at "Conservatorio Nacional de Musica de Buenos Aires"under Master Enzo Raschelli de Ferraris (known as the premier bass instructor of Argentina). He simultaneously started electric bass studies under private instruction.

Soon, he was playing with local bands, and later, he joined the Castello Vecchio's Orchestra under Director and Bandoneonist Walter Rios. With that Orchestra, he played with Raul Lavie (Tango Argentino), Roberto Goyeneche, Ranko Fujisawa and master dancers Juan Carlos Copes & Maria Nieves and Nelida & Nelson.

Besides of that orchestra, he also played with a countless tango singers, among them: Ruben Juarez, Guillermo Fernandez, Maria Jose Mentana, Roberto Rufino, Argentino Ledezma, Maria GraƱa, Angel Cardenas and Jose Angel Trelles (Astor Piazzolla)

In 1985, Hector joined the Osvaldo Piro Sexteto playing, recording and touring Argentina and South America.
Hector has also participated in some of the most important tango shows in Argentina, such as "Buenos Aires Corazon", with music by Astor and Daniel Piazzolla. This show featured Daniel Binelli on Bandoneon and Directors Oscar Cardozo Ocampo and Hector Stamponi.

Hector Pineda's musical skills have allowed him to perform with well-known artists worldwide, and he has participated as a session bass player on over 400 recordings and music productions as a sideman. He plays several musical styles, demonstrating a versatility that has landed him engagements with some very famous stage musicals such as "The Romanian Marriage," and "They're Playing Our Song."

After relocating to the USA, Hector started performing with a variety of groups and singers, (both American and Latin), in many different musical styles. He has made several recordings of his own, and has participated in many more recording sessions as arranger, producer, engineer, sound designer and keyboards programmer.

Hector has also played at several major Tango Congresses in the USA, such as the Miami Tango Congress, Dallas Tango Congress, and Las Vegas Tango Congress, for master dancers such as Los Dinzel, Gloria & Eduardo, Nito & Elba, Fabian Salas, Osvaldo Soto, and Guillermo & Fernanda. He has performed in several tango concerts featuring Libertad Lamarque, Sandra Luna, Daniel Bouchet, Nestor Fabian, and Angel Rico, among many others.